New singers are always welcome!
Your first session is free, and there's no need to book - just turn up!
Coffee from 9.30am, singing starts at 10am. See you there! 

We meet on Mondays during term time 

at 9.30am in the small hall,

New Oriel Hall in Larkhall, Bath


Humbugs sing all sorts of songs - pop, gospel, jazz, showtunes, folk and songs from around the world.


To make your life easier we provide:

  • Toys for the little ones to keep them occupied so you can concentrate on singing.

  • Coffee, tea and biscuits are included. Each session starts with a cuppa!

Humbugs is a choir for parents who love, want, need to sing.


We believe that parents are allowed to do something for themselves sometimes, but finding the time is tricky. Most parents spend time singing songs for their kids, and very little time singing for their own enjoyment.


So, here at Humbugs we have the perfect solution - a choir for you, with music for you AND you can bring your little one along too!


You don't have to be able to read music, or have any previous singing experience as all our songs are taught by ear or using word sheets.

I never realised how

Humbugs powerful-08-08.png

singing with a group would be, especially a bunch who were as tired, drained and mentally exhausted as me.

Humbugs Illustrations-09.png


Joining Humbugs has been one of the best decisions I've ever made


Having never been part of a choir before, or in any way musical I was apprehensive about joining Humbugs.


After singing my gazillionth nursery rhyme to my children I decided I needed to have a go at singing my own tunes.


5 years on and joining Humbugs has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I never realised how powerful singing with a group would be, especially a bunch of women who were as tired, drained and mentally exhausted as me. I've made the best friends, kept my mental health in check and learnt the skill of belting out a good tune for my own pleasure.


Seriously can't recommend it enough!

Humbugs Illustrations-10.png


Sets my week off to a great start

Humbugs is my absolute favourite 'baby' group. The warm, un-intimidating and supportive atmosphere is so up-lifting.


The mental health effects are obvious and it sets my week off to a such a great start, as well as being a fantastic group of humans!


I notoriously can't sing but there is no expectation to perform, and after a year I can hold a tune.

More Information

Humbugs costs £7 per session, payable in half term blocks, but your first session is FREE!

We meet at 9.30am for tea, coffee and biscuits, then we sing from 10-11am.

New Oriel Hall, Brookleaze Buildings, Larkhall, Bath, BA1 6RA

If you have got any questions, please email us

Listen to us sing

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Time After Time (Cindi Lauper)Humbugs Choir
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Why sing with others?

We really felt there was a need to provide a group for the mums, to do something that goes beyond the normal chatter of toddler groups (although we have realised the chat time is really invaluable which is why we build it in to our sessions).


We have had so many mums through our doors and so many stories about finding a community, boosting confidence, women coming off medication for post-natal much more than we anticipated when we set the group up! The feelings of loneliness and isolation come through so often in conversations with mums and it can be really hard to find your 'tribe'.


This group seems to have suited a lot of women - despite many coming along claiming they 'can't sing', but we do everything we can to include everyone wherever they're at in their musical journey. Many haven't sung since school and then find themselves singing lots of nursery rhymes with their babies but not necessarily having confidence in their own voice. Others are experienced and confident musicians, but they have all thrived in HumBugs.


We are very careful with choosing songs that give us energy, that calm and soothe, that make us laugh, and give an appropriate level of accessibility and challenge! One woman came throughout her treatment for breast cancer - she was in such a state that she couldn't sing for the first few sessions but gradually she emerged from the blur she felt she was living in and became a key member of the group for a period of time with her daughter.


We have a lot of fun together and together with the power of the shared experience it seems to work! The support the mums show each other is utterly astonishing, and several have now joined forces in their freelancing pursuits etc  We really believe that the power of the shared singing experience is beneficial in so many ways - confidence building, release of endorphins, the buzz of singing in harmonies, the joy of learning a new song - and most of all the sense of the collective - working together for a common purpose! 


I have so many powerful stories - one of the great testaments of the success of the group is how many of the group are still coming now their children are well established at school! 

Also the positive effect on the child is shared regularly amongst the choir - one boy used to come and just sleep for the session (the only time in the week!), others join in with body percussion and dancing, stories of little ones singing an African song to Daddy at bedtime that they had just absorbed whilst being in the session, seeing music-making as a normal activity.


We provide toys and the children are generally very happy during the session, but if they have a 'moment' that is also fine and we just carry on singing! 

Join us and start your week with a song!